Dagmar Binder workshop news!

I’m having a wonderful time participating in Dagmar Binder’s 6 day masterclass in Scotland. It’s such a pleasure to learn new techniques from such an inspirational felter, the other participants are pretty cool too!!! I’m going to try and upload some pics here later if I can grab hold of a computer but failing that I’ve started to add pics to Facebook and will continue to do so as the week progresses. 


7 thoughts on “Dagmar Binder workshop news!

  1. wow! I just googled Dagmar Binder’ and what an exciting workshop you must be having. I love the images of her work and it is difficult to not get jealous of your time in Scotland!!!!!

  2. WOW…….is right!!!!!! You must be on creative overload at this point with all that you have done this year. I cannot wait ro see you in Sept at the Tin Thimble and see what we will be doing. Really looking forward to it. I am taking a three day workshop from Lisa Klakaluck in July….so that will be interesting to be able to combine all of this.


    • Dear Beth, thanks so much for nominating me for a ‘versatile blogger’ award, I’m flattered and always enjoy reading other creative blogs myself!!! Please forgive me if I don’t get to pass it on to 15 blogs at present, I’m just totally snowed under for the next few weeks but I do promise to try once things settle down and I’ve got my bags unpacked etc.! X Nicola

      • You’re welcome. And don’t worry about it, I hope you get to rest soon 🙂

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