Portugal, the fruits of our labours!

I promised you some pictures of the result of our felting extravaganza in Portugal and here the first few. Sometimes I have problems uploading more than 3 images in a post if I don’t have a lot of text so I’m going to try adding a few blank lines around all the pictures, please bear with me and just keep scrolling down. I’ll upload more as soon as I return from Scotland (it’s 1.17am and I’m just about to head for the airport!) but for now these will give you a small idea of the fruits of our labours.

Kellie, Karin, Terriea, Heather, Sandy, Nienke, me, Estela, Annemarie and Carla (from left to right)

First up a group shot with participants draped in and holding a selection of the completed felt including raw wool fleece combined with two fine layers of Bordeleira, felt vessels, bags, nuno felt, eco bundled and eco dyed felt too!!!

Terriea’s fantastic felt bag with flaps

Terriea with her gorgeous natural Bordeleira bag, hope you don’t mind that I grabbed this photo from your blog Terriea!

Sandy, Heather, Terriea and Nienka celebrate Heather’s fabulously eco printed bag!

Sandy, Heather, Terriea and Nienka celebrate the sucessful eco printing of Heathers Bordeleira bag!


3 thoughts on “Portugal, the fruits of our labours!

  1. Nicola, I love my bag so much. Thank you for teaching and glad you linked. Wondering if Heather has done further on her printed bag. Delighted for the s prints.

  2. Nicola–I enjoyed your Portugal posts SO much, and I know that I will love seeing what comes of your workshop this week, too! Terriea–Since I’ve been home, I’ve been at work or enjoying a visit with one of my far-away daughters, so nothing has been sorted out with the bag closure, etc., yet. šŸ™‚

  3. Have a fantastic time in Scotland…Can’t wait to hear all about your latest adventure. Knowing you is far better than watching a travel channel on television…they rarely talk about felting! Thanks for taking us along on your marvelous journeys!

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