I’m almost home…..

Alan and I are at Porto Airport just waiting for our flight back to Dublin to arrive and then depart again. It’s really been a marvellous two weeks here in Portugal and I promise to write a couple of detailed posts over the next few days because there’s so much to report and so many pictures to upload. I’m taking advantage here of free internet access at the airport, I can’t use my phone (battery almost dead and no free wireless access) but there are banks of computers available for passengers to use and stations to charge phones too. Anyway, Alan’s looking a little edgy so I better push on, full internet access again from tomorrow so be prepared for an avalanch of information!


2 thoughts on “I’m almost home…..

  1. Can’t wait for the avalanche to begin;-))) So glad that you’ve had such a wonderful time in Portugal. You so deserved it. Safe travels to you and Alan, and be sure to give Rex a treat for me when you arrive home…It’s his favorite thing;-))

  2. Dear Nicola
    Happy you had a nice experince again with felt
    Can you send me your tlfnr by mail-Ill fell safer when I have got it
    Love Annette Nielsen

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