Quick update!

Our amazing workshop in Portugal drew to a close last Friday evening, participants started to head home and by the time Alan arrived at lunch on Saturday most people were well on their way to their final destinations. I still don’t have any proper Internet access butbi promise to blog properly and upload more photos as soon as I arrive home next weekend. Until then I’ll be relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery, food and wine in this region!


5 thoughts on “Quick update!

  1. I miss you already! Please say ‘hello’ to Alan for me (and the rest of the ‘gang’ if you see them). I am slowly ‘digging out’ here at home, but my heart is still with you in Portugal. Thank you for a life-altering experience…it was wonderful!

  2. The photos that you posted already looked like a fabulous time was had by all – and what great projects!!! Eco-printing too – how exciting!!
    I hope you have some time now to relax and enjoy all the beauty of the countryside.

  3. Hope that you and Alan are having a wonderful time together and enjoying lots of R&R. You deserve it. I have so enjoyed the photos posted on Facebook. What a marvelous workshop!!!

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