The first pictures are on Facebook

It’s a beautiful day here in Portugal, I’m just sneaking a quick minute to upload a few pictures from our wonderful residential felting workshop to Facebook. Sorry there are no titles yet and only a few pics, more to follow but for now you can check them out here!

2 thoughts on “The first pictures are on Facebook

  1. Oh wow Nicola – what a stunning place!! I can imagine how inspirational it is just being there.. I see familiar faces in some of them – hope you are all having a lovely time.
    Love the photos of the sheep & the donkey too 🙂

  2. I love the photos….Looks like everyone is having a grand time. The raw wool rugs are going to be amazing!

    Have a great rest of the week. Wish I were there with you….Sadly, I have to stay home and use up some of the silk that we secured….It’s taking up too much room in my studio…I’m getting tired of hurdling over it! ;-)))

    Big hugs to all of you,

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