Silk skirt transformed into a nuno shrug!

Today I’ve been nuno felting again using more of the Salvation Army and Goodwill silk garments that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Unfortunately I don’t have enough hours in the day to write individual replies to all the comments I get so thanks a million Emma Jane and Dawn for responding so clearly to Chrissie’s concerns, I couldn’t have said it better myself!!!

Upcycled silk chiffon and merino shrug

Here’s a picture of a shrug I felted this morning. I removed the lining and waistband from a silk chiffon mini skirt then opened up the skirt by cutting up the seam and removing the zip. Once I laid out the fabric on my kitchen table it suggested to me a shrug with the upper portion felted and the lower portion showing off the godets from the skirt.

The view from behind

Although the darts and godets weren’t symetrical it really didn’t matter, with the top portion felted using one fine layer of short fibre merino and a lot of hand dyed silk fibre everything just came together and I’m happy with the finished piece!

Detail showing the sheen from the mulberry silk on the collar


3 thoughts on “Silk skirt transformed into a nuno shrug!

  1. Love, Love Love it! One question – what’s a godet? This must be another of those differences in our “English” language! LOL

    Looks like your trip to the S.A. was a HUGE success!


  2. Beautiful transformation…very elegant! Probably about time for you to return for another shopping trip…you must be running low on silk as busy as you’ve been;-) Of course, I have a few items that I could make you a great deal on….70 to be exact;-))))

    Have a great time in Portugal…Can’t wait to see photos.

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