Felting, reflecting, unwinding and preparing…..

It’s back to a full working week here at Clasheen after all the fun and excitment of my super trip to the US. I’ve a lot of large nuno wraps to get felted and delivered before Thursday, I’m reflecting on the fantastic time I had staying with Jan and Dawn meeting so many old fibre friends and making new ones, I’m trying to spend time unwinding with Alan and I’m also trying to get sorted and prepared for my Friday departure to teach in Portugal!!! The weather here in Ireland has been WET ever since I’ve arrived home, aparantly it was glorious and hot during my absence but now it’s so wet I can’t even get outside to take a picture of the first wrap that I’ve finished. Instead here’s a picture from Plainwell, not everyone is here in this shot (a few people had to leave early) and not everyone is holding their work, you will get an idea of the scale of some of the projects however! Until tomorrow…..

Happy faces near the end of our two day felting workshop in Plainwell!


3 thoughts on “Felting, reflecting, unwinding and preparing…..

  1. Thanks again so very much for joining us here in Plainwell…Your workshops are always a delight, and I so enjoyed your stay. We miss you bunches here, and poor Yogi has run up to ‘your room’ a couple of times to see where you might be hiding. Checking on you at 4:00 a.m. is, as you know, one of his favorite things;-)))

    Hope that you have a great time in Portugal…Though I don’t have to hope, I know that you will. Take lots of pictures, please.


  2. I know you will love Portugal. Its one of my favorite destination. Hope you have som time to enjoy a glass or two of some good port. Take care.

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