I’m just writing this short post from my phone as I relax in the bath! Today’s the day I catch my flights home to Ireland and I just wanted to say two things. Firstly a million thanks to Jan, Dawn and all my wonderful old and new fiber friends who I’ve been spending time with on this trip, it’s been a pleasure. Secondly, I’m not going to be using  a computer until I’m back in my own office so please excuse any lack of communication, emails etc. until then. I’ll be keeping everyone up to date with my last hours here and the trip home via Facebook but for now I’m going to enjoy a final excursion with Dawn to the Plainwell Goodwill and Salvation Army stores in search of more patterned silk to nuno felt with!!!


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  1. Nicola, oh what fun “junking” at second hand stores. I have found more delights at those places over the years but it is thin pickins these days. I like Churchshops, too and especially junior league stores. I found an 14K gold threaded sari at a junior league for $o.75 one time, so I envy your adventure. Happy Hunting! Look for garments with fun buttons, too.

  2. Dear Nicola,

    I’m sure going to miss you…Better stop thinking or you’ll need to mop up after me. We’d just better keep shopping, then I’ll be boo-hoo’ing because my piggy bank is on empty;-)))

    Thanks a million for staying with us and for teaching another fantastic workshop here in Plainwell. It’s all been a joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Safe travels back home.


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