The two day Plainwell felting workshop is over, what a brilliant and fun experience!!!

I had such a blast at the two day felting workshop organized by the wonderful Dawn Edwards in Plainwell, Dawn’s been loading pictures to her Facebook page like crazy and I’ve been loading others to my public page as well as to my profile. Please check them out there because I’m just enjoying a little unwinding time with Dawn, Morry and Micah before heading back to Ireland on Wednesday and really don’t have the brain power to blog properly now!

We spent a wonderful day yesterday enjoying a fantastic trip on the Star of Saugatuck out on Lake Michigan, strolled around Saugatuck town itself, ate dinner serenaded by a brilliant band and then headed back to Art and Judy’s for more butter pecan ice cream at Plainwell Ice Cream!!! This morning Dawn and I were early risers, it was 5 for $5 day at the Salvation Army and boy did we have fun!!! Obviously I was constrained by weight/baggage limitations but all the same I snagged 17 beautifully coloured silk shirts or skirts to either wear or nuno felt, 1 totally new denim jacket, 2 cotton shirts and 3 vintage brooches. I also snapped up a Christian Dior silk top (again only costing $1!) but gave it to Dawn because I thought that she might find a home for it, she also snapped up 70 silk shirts and 2 pelmets!!!

4 thoughts on “The two day Plainwell felting workshop is over, what a brilliant and fun experience!!!

  1. The thrift store had to be empty by the time the two of you left…great for them and great for the two of you. What fun!!!!!


    • Carole, surprisingly enough, we left quite a bit behind. Come and see me some time…I’ll take you to all of the Michigan hot spots…thrift stores for us fiber junkies;-)))

  2. I have so enjoyed having you here Nicola…Will be so sad to see you go, but can’t wait to see you again on our next get-together!!!! Safe travels back home and give that Rex an extra treat and a bowl of cereal for me…They are his favorite things;-)))

    Come back soon…Your room is always ready;-)

    Dawn, Morry and Micah

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