Dyeing gauze for nuno felting!

I’ve been having great fun dyeing cotton gauze under Jan Durham’s expert eye. It’s my first time getting to grips with Procion MX dyes are really they’re not difficult to use, the biggest problem was having to wait overnight (it could have been longer) before opening the bundles and seeing what I’d achieved!!!


Rinsed, washed again and ready to hang outside

I like the idea of dyeing my own fabric to nuno felt into, I don’t think I’ll be doing this every week when I get home but I’ll definitely order some of the colours I like best and make an effort to experiment further. I’m not the tidiest person as regular followers of this blog know by now but I was able to keep myself totally dye free, luckily Jan’s husband Bruce was away yesterday though because if he had been around he mightn’t have been so happy about the dye I managed to spill all over the white counter top!

Once the bundles had time to absorb all the dye I rinsed them in cold then hot water before putting them through a wash cycle in Jan’s great big washing machine. The weather’s been a lot drier today (the rain this last few days has been just like Ireland!) so I was able to hang everything outside to dry. I ironed the smaller scarves but the larger piece in the second picture I decided not to bother ironing! I’m going to nuno felt it into a shift dress hopefully, I had planned to do it here but I actually think I may need to keep it until I get home and then I have my full selection of short fibred merino to work with.


Kind of hippy, dippy don’t you think?



14 thoughts on “Dyeing gauze for nuno felting!

  1. The colors in the fabric dyed piece are great. It will be a beautiful NUNO dress. We will be all anxious to see what you do.


  2. Oh, wow!!!! I love your new hippy dyed fabric. I’ll be in search of some love beads for you to wear along with your new dress, too;-)))

    You have been having too much fun with Jan…Hope I can keep up the pace once you arrive here. Sadly, I’ve not been able to vacuum as I can’t seem to recall where the electrical outlets are placed throughout the house;-))))

    Can’t wait to see you soon.

    Big hugs,

  3. What fun, I can’t wait to see the finished dress. Maybe you’ll be able to “borrow” from Dawn’s stash (she has just a few wools out in her studio!) and do it before leaving MI…we’d love to see you in it!

    Looking forward to next week!

  4. I’ve managed to squeeze in a quick nuno felted scarf this week. It’s hand dyed silk chiffon in turquoise and I decided on a circle theme.

  5. Im so glad I found you…Ive been fascinated about your work with the wool, near you Im only a simple bigginer.I would like to Know when do you do a workshop in Portugal.Im very interested to learn much more about all techniques to make hats esculpture cloths and so on…; )

    • Hi Olga, nice to meet another felter! My next week long felting workshop n Portugal is from 15th to the 21st June 2013. If you look at the workshop page you can get more details or I’ll be home from the US next week and you can contact me again.

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