‘niki & niki’ felting tools update, sizes and prices as requested again!

Thanks to everyone who has expressed such an interest in our ‘niki & niki’ felting tools, we’re blown away by all the orders and inquiries and thrilled with the positive response we’re getting from everyone who has already tried them out!!! Our latest batch of prodders has just arrived to be posted asap and the rest of the tools should be here shortly for those of you who are waiting! Apologies also to one friend and customer who has not yet recieved their package, if it doesn’t arrive any day now we’ll be posting out a replacement as soon as the new delivery of rollers arrives. We’re also considering offering registered mail as an option in the future and letting the purchaser choose whichever postal option they want, this would be less stressful for us in the event of any losses in transit. In response to the numerous enquiries we’ve been getting here is the basic info about the various tools again and in future when I get asked the questions I will have a definite link here to direct people to!

Meg fulling her hat at Dawn’s workshop with our prototype mini minimilast

Firstly I’ll reiterate that the tools are the result of a collaboration with great friend and designer Niki Collier, between us we are offering you tools that we both find invaluable in our own felting studios. I like to roll on top of the bubble wrap at the early stages of the felting process then directly on the felt as it gets stronger and is in the middle of fulling to shrink; several of my projects in the new book ‘Nuno Felting with Nicola Brown and Chrissie Day‘ used the rollers and the vessel used the prodder! Handmade and hard wearing, all ‘niki & niki’ felting tools may be personalised with your own name for an additional $8 up to a total of 10 digits including spaces, never lose a valued piece of felting equipment again!!! Niki is preparing a little care note to post with new orders but suffice to say that a good quality wood oil is perfect for keeping your tools in tip top condition, don’t forget to rinse off any soap also at the end of each felting session. Now for the sizes and prices excl P&P, this is charged according to which country we are posting to…..

  • The Big One – total length 56cms and an active rolling width of 36cms – $60
  • The Modest One – total length 50cms and an active rolling width of 30cms – $47
  • The Minimilast –  total length 24.5cms and an active rolling width of 21.5cms – $40 The length of this handleless roller makes it perfect for using both hands together directly on top of the ridged surface
  • The Mini Minimilast – a shorter handleless roller which we have been testing, final length and prices to be advised shortly
  • The Prodder – a handmade wooden prodder with a curved end that is a wonderful aid for stretching and shaping felt vessels and sculptures – $11

NB Please remember that I will be away teaching for the next 3 weeks, back for 1 week and then off to teach in Portugal followed by a weeks holiday there, back for one week then off to participate in a 6 day masterclass with Dagmar Binder in Scotland! In tandem with all this excitment and travelling I’m trying to set up my studio in Duckett’s Grove properly (from afar!) and look after the people who will be staying at Clasheen to mind the house and Rex in my absense. Please don’t be offended if I don’t respond to emails or questions immediately and if I do respond I won’t be writing a missive!!! I really appreciate all your kind comments and wishes for my trip to the US, I really can’t wait to be back and am so looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones, I wish I had Dawn here though to help me with my packing!!!!! I’ll leave you today with Meg modelling her finished hat with Dawn, you can check out some of Meg’s other beautiful and stylish hats at Meg Kavanagh Designs!

Meg and Dawn with Meg’s beautiful finished hat!



12 thoughts on “‘niki & niki’ felting tools update, sizes and prices as requested again!

  1. Great post…Probably something about the coming to the U.S. part that makes me especially happy;-)) I love the pictures of Meg, too. She is so photogenic and looked great in every hat that she tried on, and I love the hat that she made!!!!

    The tools that you and Nikki have collaborated on really do make for fast work in the felting/hardening process. Couldn’t believe how quickly the one that I borrowed helped to harden the red hat that I was working on at your house. Great time saver…No wonder they’re so popular.

    Now, as far as the packing…Yes, I am a pro in that department, and find that surrounding all of your clothing with glass jars filled with gooey jams is really the best way to go. It binds all of the clothes together when the jars burst and makes it so that you’re able to lift all of the clothing out in one big matted pile;-) Just doesn’t get any easier than that;-) Good heavens, what was I thinking…Obviously I wasn’t!!!

    Hurry on over…can’t wait to see you again.


    • Hey Dawn, It was lovely having you here to stay at Clasheen and now my only worry is that I will have to do all the housework when I get to Plainwell, you did so much here that I can’t do anything but return the compliment!!! Thanks for mentioning how helpful you found the roller, it really is isn’t it? XXX

      • Yes, the roller is a fantastic help!!!! Great collaboration between you and Niki.

        So glad that you love cleaning and tidying…I’m just going to lounge about eating bon-bons whilst I wait for you to come and get my house all shined up and organized;-)

        Can’t wait to see you!

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