We’re almost there with the book and check out these hats of Dawn’s!

Last night I finally finished as much of the book as was humanly possibly and pushed the button to start uploading the files to Chrissie, pity I didn’t realise that I had previously set the computer to switch off after 5 hours, hmm! Anyway, it’s back on now and hopefully by tonight the book will be ready to publish!!! I’m off for another session of CRAFTed today and then I’ll be shopping and organising in preparation for Dawn’s arrival tomorrow morning, I’m so excited!!! I can’t imagine how difficult her packing must be, check out this picture of the wonderful hats she’ll have at Borris Town Hall on Saturday and Sunday for our two ‘Fantastic Felt Hats’ workshops!!!!!

Dawn's amazing hats ready to pack for Ireland!


7 thoughts on “We’re almost there with the book and check out these hats of Dawn’s!

  1. Good morning Nicola…By this time tomorrow, I’ll already be in Ireland… unbelievable!!!! It hardly seems possible that this day has finally arrived;-))) Your note above about the difficulty of packing rang more true than you know. I had everything almost all set to go, went to online check-in, and found that instead of the two bags that I thought I got with international flights….oops…. only one bag! You can imagine my distress! Pared down a lot…but still have most all of the hats. So lots of hats, not so much clothes;-)))

    Well, off to prepare to head to the airport shortly.

    See you soon.

    Big hugs,

  2. Hahaha, Nicola-I’ll bet Dawn’s hat classes would have filled up even more quickly (with MEN!), had people known that their instructor was going to be a tall, statuesque, blond NUDIST!! Enjoy your time with ‘our girl’…and Skype me if you get a chance!! Love–

  3. A nudist? Is that why she only packed hats? Seriously, these hats are very impressive! I hope the workshops are wildly successful.

  4. How exciting g for Dawn to be making her first trip to Ireland and even more so doing something she loves to do, with a good friend. We are alll anxious to see the photos of her workshops. What fun you will both have.


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