Out and about plus the nuno felting book is almost finished!

This morning I brought some framed landscapes, two vessels and two of my new felting tools to Borris Food and Craft Market. I wanted to have a fresh display for regulars to browse and it’s nice for local feltmakers to see and hold them in the hand as opposed to on Etsy where I think we only have one ‘Big One’ left. Our second order is being made as I write so Kim you may have that prodder before you know it!

The Modest and Minimalist debut at Borris market this morning!

I’m totally tied up otherwise trying to finish the nuno felting book before Dawn arrives next Tuesday, Chrissie and I are really hoping they will be ready to order sometime on Sunday evening. You’ll have to forgive my lack of words today, I’ve none left over from the book!!!


3 thoughts on “Out and about plus the nuno felting book is almost finished!

  1. Can’t wait for my “big” one to arrive complete with HerMajesty id and can’t wait to see your new book too 🙂 Congratulations Nicola on all your good work; I wish I could be part of your group when Dawn arrives (seems like she and I both share a huge felt wardrobe now – at least in our imaginations – hahahaha!)

    • Yes, Margo, if only those that we’ve requested wardrobe items from would hurry and send them to us…We’d give them such good homes! We’ve worked out all of the sharing…now we just need the items in hand;-) I’ll rummage through Nicola’s closet while I’m there and see if I can’t find an item or two for us;-) Are you sure that you can’t hop the next flight out to Dublin, Margo? I know that we’d have a fantastic time!

      I can’t wait to see you Nicola. Can’t believe that I leave day after tomorrow. Packed last night…going to remove half of it today or you’ll think that I’m moving in;-)))

      Big hugs,

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