A lightweight nuno scarf for me!

On Friday afternoon I felted two ultra lightweight nuno scarves, one for me and one to sell! The ponge silk that I used for both was a beautiful lettuce colour and I combined this with a very fine open layer of my favourite apple green short fibred merino from Wollknoll. I wanted to wear my scarf the following day at the Crafts Council training I was attending and have it match the bag I was bringing so added quite a lot of apple green and turquoise mulberry silk as well as plenty of hand dyed silk throwsters waste. The second scarf I added apple green mulberry silk and plenty of high sheen firestar, it’s lovely to be working with spring shades and I must say it was nice to make myself something for a change! I will be bringing the second scarf to Borris Food and Craft Market on Friday but on the off chance that anyone here is interested it is priced at E40 plus a couple of euros P&P so please just email me if you would like to reserve it and I can invoice via PayPal!

The two sides of my new nuno felt scarf


10 thoughts on “A lightweight nuno scarf for me!

  1. Hi Nicola, It is beautiful (and nice that you have something for You — a case of the shoemakers children?). Like how you showed both sides of the scarf too.

    What is high sheen firestar? (A quick google = not much related to fibers)

  2. Beautifull scarf! Are the buckled circles the silk showing through, (because there was no wool)? I have only recently started experimenting with felt and I love all the different ways it can made, used, and feel.

    • Yes, the more textured areas aree where I did not lay any wool. I used short fibre merino batts for this scarf but if you are using wool tops or roving just lay out one very fine layer with gaps! Do make sure and share pictures when you try the nuno felting and good luck!!!

  3. Thanks everyone for all your positive comments. I know that I don’t always have time unfortunately to reply to everyone individually but I always read and apprieciate them all!!!

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