Still under the weather but felting today

I’m still trying to shake off the remains of the stinking cold I’ve had. Thanks to a very good cough bottle, horrible but effective black currant Lemsip Max and unlimited quantities of freshly squeezed lemons, oranges and Bulgarian honey I definitely have turned the corner and am feeling quite a bit better. Today I was meant to be felting all day with Carmen, unfortunately she’s now got the dose (not caught from me I might add!) but I’m going to spend the whole day in the studio nuno felting and am looking forward to getting my hands wet and soapy!!! Hopefully this time I will take some pictures, unexpectedly we had our first booking for Tom’s house this weekend so I got tied up finishing assembling furniture and making it comfortable for the guests so never got to post pics (or take any!) from last week as promised. 

Borris Food and Craft Market went well for me on Friday and Saturday, several sales (two nuno scarves and one flower) and another booking for Dawn’s hat workshop as well as another participant for the next workshop I’m teaching at Clasheen myself. It’s very interesting how a continued presence is starting to pay off, I love the social side of meeting the other traders and customers too so all in all I’m very happy that I’ve decided to participate weekly. 


1 thought on “Still under the weather but felting today

  1. Good morning!

    Hope by the time you read this that you’ll be back to feeling like yourself, free of that awful cold (and awful elixir)…Even that can’t keep you down…still felting away;-))

    Glad that you’re having such great success with the Borris Market.Sounds like such fun and I’m sure now that word is out that you are there, people will be back looking for your beautiful creations.

    Happy to hear that we have another added for the workshop. Have I mentioned in the last twelve hours that I’m so excited? … Will be there in less than a month;-)))

    Big hugs to you,

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