My first felting workshop in Portugal is now open for booking and back home from Bansko, Bulgaria!

Booking is now open for my first felting extravaganza in Portugal, Karin has finalised the information flyer for the week long workshop and I have to say if I wasn’t going to be teaching there anyway I think I would be booking the week myself!!! I love the thought of spending time in a rural area of outstanding beauty, the big difference from where I live in Ireland is obviously going to be the hotter weather and the delicious fresh Mediterranean food, I’m very excited that we will be working with the wool from the rare Bordeleira sheep so all in all it will be a great experience! Please click on the link below to bring you through to the flyer, places are booking already so if you want to attend please email Karin asap!

Flyer Felt workshop

A Bordeleira ewe with her lamb


As you’ve probably already guessed we arrived safely home from our trip to Bansko last night complete with my new stove, thanks Alan for managing to dismantle it enough so that we could distribute it amongst our cases and only have to pay for one extra piece of baggage! We left our hosts at the Dedo Pene early in the morning having spent the last evening together at a fantastic surprise meal Lyben, Yulia and Bobi threw for us in their private quarters. The food, wine and chat flowed freely and reminded me very much of a typical evening in Ireland between friends, a lovely end to our successful business and holiday break!!! Thanks to everyone there who made us feel so welcome, I would love to return the compliment in the future and Yulia and I are going to talk about the possibility of organising a felting workshop in Bansko, watch this space!

Unfortunately I also brought back a stinking cold from Bulgaria in addition to the stove. I’m going to be felting several nuno wraps over the next few days so I’ll post pics of work in progress to Facebook and here, don’t expect much chat though because I think I’m running a fever and I really want to just get my head down to work and through off the cold by the weekend if at all possible.




7 thoughts on “My first felting workshop in Portugal is now open for booking and back home from Bansko, Bulgaria!

  1. Oh does that sound like a wonderful week, both felting wise and the location. This is when you wish you could just pop on a plane and have it drop you off on the doorstep where you want to go.


  2. Nicola–I wanted to wait until I was absolutely sure to tell you…
    …but I’ve signed up for your class!!!!
    I already have my plane reservations and Karin and I have been in touch, and I cannot believe how excited I am…both to see you again and to enjoy felt making in what looks like the garden of Eden!!

  3. Oh my goodness Heather, you’re excited??? I’m beside myself with excitment that you’ll be making the trip over!!!!!

    It will be WONDERFUL to spend time together in what I believe is going to be slice of paradise. We both love good food and wine too so I think what with the Bordeleria sheep (wool and cheese!), the fantastic setting and the wonderful weather we are just going to have a blast!!!


  4. Hope you feel better soon Nicola! I had a cold last week and it played havoc with my felting mojo – was not a successful week 😦

    Glad your trip went well x
    p.s. the moma sheep and little lambie pic are adorable!

    • Hi Deborah, sorry not to reply re. the flyer sooner, I would say that your computer is throwing a wobbly except for the fact that I can’t open it directly from my iPhone. Do you use a Mac and might that be an issue??? I can’t think why but I’ve checked again with my PC and all is fine! If you still can’t open it let me know and I’ll email you a copy!!! X

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