Pictures from today’s felting workshop at Clasheen!

Today’s beginner and improvers workshop at Clasheen actually turned into a private lesson as the other participants all had to reschedule due to illness and unforseen circumstances, it’s often difficult trying to organise classes in Ireland, ironic but true! Anyway, I’ll be teaching the same workshop again in two to three weeks as soon as everyone is able to come together, today Jenny came and benefitted from the individual attention!

Jenny with her first piece of felt

Once we had discussed the basics of felting and examined some of my favourite raw materials Jenny laid out her first piece of flat felt, a lovely undyed white merino background with distressed mohair off cuts, silk fibre and some threads of unraveled banana fibre knitting for surface decoration. While Jenny worked on rubbing and rolling I was able to lay out another nuno wrap (obviously keeping an eye out and helping if necessary!), this time in a colour combination new to me, turquoise, chocolate and highlights of metallic copper fabric, pictures tomorrow when it’s dry. By lunchtime Jenny’s first piece was finished and her second was laid out, it’s always so rewarding to watch newbies amazement as the fluffy fibre becomes strong, flexible and stable felt! For her second piece Jenny chose to felt a large needle cover (knitting is her business, HotHead the name!), there were three layers of colour separated by resists on the flap, this worked out beautifully!!! Now she’s all ready for the hat workshop here in April with the wonderful Dawn Edwards, if you’d like to join us for that there are still a couple of places available on Sunday 22nd so please email me asap!

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8 thoughts on “Pictures from today’s felting workshop at Clasheen!

  1. This happens to me sometiems too!! ending up with only one person, but it is so much fun as that makes it indeed possible for me to make some felt too 🙂 Bet you had a great day!

  2. What fun it is to have someone do their first felted piece. I taught my nine year old grand daughter to felt and she is so proud of her first piece. Now there are more people hooked on this fiber quest……you never can get enough of it and the more you learn and do, the more you want to do it!

    keep us posted, Nicola. You are one busy lady


  3. It sometimes happened to me too when all were prepared there’re 1 or 2 didn’t turn out. Still glad if those come out and done nice pieces. Jenny’s pieces are so good, the second one particularly great. Your weather looks sunny and warmer.

  4. Good morning!

    Jenny’s felts are fantastic!!! I can’t wait to meet her in person…So excited that she’ll be joining us for the hatmaking workshop. The time will be here before we know it and I can hardly wait;-)

    Will look forward to seeing your new nuno wrap…Those colors sound like a gorgeous combination…I’ll bet you were quite pleased with the outcome.

    Big hugs,

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