More nuno felt vest/stole pics and some answers to questions posed

I don’t have much time to write today so here are two more pice of my latest nuno felt vest/stole and the answers to a couple of questions I’ve been asked.

  • Yes, this vest is fulled in the dryer so NO rubbing or rolling!!! I will be including full instructions about how I do this in my section of the new book. Please note though, I don’t always use the dryer, just sometimes depending on what I’m felting, what my mood is at the time and what end result I’m aiming to achieve!
  • The muslin that I used was bought from Kiernan’s, my local habadashery. I think that it is a little finer weave than what you call muslin in U.S. or Turkey, definitely not as loose a weave as cheesecloth or gauze but rather more like a hybrid of the cheesecloth and your muslin. Hope this helps Carole, the nearest weight that I’ve seen over in U.S. reminds me of the beautiful new 50%silk/50% cotton fabric Sharon and Emma had at The Tin Thimble last spring, do you remember that???

Side view

Anyway, I’m sorry that the quality of the images isn’t great especially the back view. I snapped them while the wind was howling a gale and I couldn’t get the back shot to stay still at all but at least you’ll get an idea of the shape!!!

Back view

6 thoughts on “More nuno felt vest/stole pics and some answers to questions posed

  1. I love this – can’t wait to see what color you dye it. I really love the shape – it has like a “bias-swing” to it. I think this would be a very flattering piece to wear and would look nice on alot of body shapes. Also excited about your new book. I am interested in what effects you achieve with the dryer vs. rolling by hand. And what about a sander? Do you every use one?

  2. I absolutely love the piece Nicola. thanks for the info on the starting fabric. If you dye it, it will totally change the looks, but no matter what, you have a winner here.

    thanks for the pictures


  3. What a great vest, the lines are wonderful and I have ordered the book, thanks for the tip, as I too, am not a sewer but love the simple lines of the Japanese designs. You are an inspiration!!

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