U.S. workshop news and a few pictures

I’m working on descriptions for the workshops I’ll be teaching in U.S. this spring and hope to have everything sorted and up on the blog by Monday. Time is tight today so I’m just going to leave you with two images of a clutch I stitched up last night, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Marble effect vintage button and loads of lovely nuno texture

Large felt clutch


8 thoughts on “U.S. workshop news and a few pictures

  1. Clutch looks ready for spring. Love it!! Looking forward to see what you will be teaching on your USA trip this year. I love they way your felting is always changing…. I really think it is the felting JOURNEY…….that has all of us hooked!!

    have a great day….

    • I’m really looking foward to catching up again Carole! At present I’m trying to write up the workshop descriptions but haven’t got very far yet, any suggestions???!!!

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