Irish date is set for a ‘Fantastic Felt Hats’ workshop with U.S. felter Dawn Edwards!!!

Woo Hoo, it’s finally official. Brilliant felter and wonderful buddy Dawn Edwards will be teaching a ‘Fantastic Felt Hats’ workshop in Ireland on Saturday 21st April 2012!!!

Gorgeous black and red flower hat by Dawn Edwards

I’m so excited to entice Dawn to leave U.S. for the very first time, Ireland is such a beautiful place to visit and I know from all your messages that you too are delighted she will be sharing her hat making expertise with us! Over the weekend I will be finalising the workshop description, suffice to say that the venue will be close to Clasheen (probably in the village hall just a quick hop down the fields!), the workshop will be run over one day, the price will be E100 incl. materials and already there are only a few places left. Please contact me asap if you would like to reserve a place, Mairead, Sharon, Chrissie, Roisin, Carmen and George, no need to get back to me, I will get back to you next week with the finalised plan! Have I mentioned that I am finding it hard to sleep? I am SO excited!!!

This rose like hat by Dawn has to be one of my favourites!!!


18 thoughts on “Irish date is set for a ‘Fantastic Felt Hats’ workshop with U.S. felter Dawn Edwards!!!

  1. If I could, I would come to Ireland for this workshop! What gorgeous hats. Someday, I hope to come see you, and your work, and your home. Too bad I can’t hide away in a suitcase and come now! Have a wonderful workshop.

  2. OH. I would love it. But Icn´t come this weekend. Now I won´t have to figure ot how to find the money
    But i so hope that you will all enjoy and have a lovely time!!!!

  3. Oh, I’m late chiming in…And, wouldn’t you know it…It’s about my coming to Ireland! Have I mentioned to you (more than 100 times…you know the first 100 don’t count;-) how excited I am to be coming to see you, Ireland, and friends… both old and new, and of course, Rex, too! I can hardly stand it;-))) Counting the days down….

    Big hugs,

  4. I wish I was able to come and take part in this felting party of yours!! Unfortunately I am having a special week with my students and will be working at a flowerparade on days I normally don´t have to work. 😦 other wise you could count me in..

    • Hi Meg, the workshop will be close to me at Clasheen. My studio here isn’t big enough to accomodate everyone so we will be in either Ballymurphy or Borris, Co. Carlow, which depends on facilities and price!

      • Thanks for the reply Nicola! Can I ask what size a group the work shop will be? I am very interested in taking part if there is space?

      • Hi again Meg, Ideally I would like to limit the group to 10 so what I am going to do is open up a waiting list and put you down first!!! If I get enough enquiries (which I am expecting considering I haven’t even advertised yet!) I will organise another day, if not we might be able to strecth the group to 11 but two groups of 8 – 10 would be best! I’ll keep you informed and email everyone out the workshop description and booking form tomorrow morning if possible.

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