WOW, thanks!!!

Wow, thanks so much to all of you who took the time to respond via comment, email and on FB to the question I posed about closures for my little felt pouches!  I’ve been totally tied up writing my final assignment for ‘ Train the Trainer’ but that’s been put to bed this afternoon (all be it 36 hours later than I had hoped for), printed, bound and driven to Carlow, whew.  I’m just back now and going to have another read through all the messages, assemble my thoughts and write a proper and hopefully more constructive blog post tomorrow!

Abstract leaves on the back of the starburst pouch

I’ll decide when I have a clearer head exactly which option I’m going to use for my little starburst pouch and then I’ll sew up the sides too, whatever it is I don’t want to spoil the stitching on the back either.  I also want to blog this week about selling online and update you all with really exciting news about Dawn’s visit to Ireland and my own proposed visit in May to U.S., that trip is finally in the planning!!!  Until then I’m switching my brain off, my phone off and I just ‘might’ do a little tumbling or pinning later for fun, not before I’ve relaxed by the stove and poured a glass of wine though!


2 thoughts on “WOW, thanks!!!

  1. Whew! Aren’t you glad that you didn’t know when you started your writing assignment that it was going to take 36 hours? Hope you had a great night’s sleep and are all rested and refreshed today.

    I love your newest pouch…the leaf design is beautiful!

    Tumble and Pin the day away;-))) Can’t wait to see you in Ireland in April!!!!


  2. This is probably on the wrong post for commenting about closures but…….
    I ran into this link

    I am intrigued by the idea of an open circle with a rope or felted rope coming through (attached to the felt body and forced to the front…. but not quite like this pic. I see the hole as small, and the rope thing much thicker so there is friction when opening it. It seems so eastern or Zen like and yet dimensional to your star burst. Maybe it is too much for a compact pouch and the idea would work better on a PURSE and I forgot what you call them, a bag?

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