More up-cycling with mohair off cuts

It’s very stormy outside today so I only got a few dry minutes to grab this photo! I’ve been assembling materials for another batch of little pouches.

Blue and green mohair against the stormy sky

Don’t the greens and blues look fabulous against the grey skies?  I love felting these incorporating up-cycled materials and the latest ones will combine silk off cuts (thanks Carole!) and scraps of mohair pieces (from Cushendale Woollen Mill) with either turquoise or kelly green short fibred merino from Wollknoll.  They’re also a good excuse to practice my free machine embroidery! I will be writing up a simple tutorial for these and this will be included with the kits I’m preparing, fabric pieces, buttons and enough wool to complete 2 pouches soon to go online in my revived Etsy shop!

Apologies for the short post today, I do have 2000 words to write for my final ‘Train the Trainer’ assignment so better go get cracking!!!


1 thought on “More up-cycling with mohair off cuts

  1. You are so right Nicola, when something new appears in your stash of things ro felt, it gives you more ideas of what to do with it. I love the little purses you are doing…..I am hoping to get into a three day workshop in July of Lisa K from Strong Felt….at a big fiber festival in Long Beach, California. I know you hate the sewing part, but it adds so much dimension to your felting in these little purses. keep up the fabulous work…….


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