Writing felt flower tutorial

I’m not quite ready yet but I’ve been writing a simple felt flower tutorial for the 15 minute lesson I have to give as part of the Train the Trainer workshop I’m participating in. I’m not going to have a lot of time to blog over the next couple of days but I will post the tutorial when it’s finished!


5 thoughts on “Writing felt flower tutorial

  1. My SIL did that and she did an impromtu lesson on how to work the (unused) coffee machine that was in the training room. She switched it on and to her horror it was full of water but there was no jug. Hot water spouted all over the place. She said it broke the ice with the group anyway!

    So…good luck with the workshop and beware of unfamiliar equipment….

  2. Good morning,

    Well, I’m happy that you’re not going to have much time to blog, because I won’t have much time to read and I hate to miss your posts;-) My dad arrives tonight and the baking has begun, the tidying….well, it’s either bake or tidy, so you know which I chose to do;-))) Hope you have a wonderful week…Will look forward to catching up soon.

    Big hugs,

  3. Just wanted to say thank you for all your posts … I truly enjoy them. Will you be in Michigan again this year? If so, when? We usually vacation to Michigan and would love to, one day, attend one of your classes. Merry Christmas! Margaret

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