Felt landscapes incorporating silk velvet and a question about signing your textile art

Yesterday I finished felting a series of felt landscapes which I am hoping will be selected for inclusion in the Blueprint Christmas Exhibition, fingers crossed please!  It was one of those days when everything seems to go right on the felting side of things, the velvet crinkles wonderfully when felted with the short fibred merino and the simple white frames and off white mount show off the landscapes just to my liking.  Of course that doesn’t mean the people curating the exhibition will feel the same but at least I am happy with what I produced.  My new lables also came in handy as I was able to attach one to the back of each piece of felt, that leads me to the question, what is the best way to sign a framed piece of textile art?  Any suggestions eagerly awaited!

14 thoughts on “Felt landscapes incorporating silk velvet and a question about signing your textile art

  1. Oh I am glad to hear about your velvet experience. I did some shibori on velvet to nuno onto some merino , though I have yet to felt it. Come to find out it is rayon top with nylon back, which will be great for devoir but unsure if it will take as Nuno.I can’t wait to see your piece. I have been working off line on display implements. I am wanting to have a stamp made of metal that I can BURN into the vessel.Since I do not make articles for wear, it seems more appropriate than a label. I like hand sewing initials on the bottom with embroidery thread.

    Hope to get back to posting soon.
    XOX, Deb

  2. Nicola,
    For my framed pieces, I usually have them matted as well and sign the mat. I’ve also seen folks put their initials in felt at the bottom of the piece. It is a difficult question, and for me, even sewing the labels in is difficult. Sewing and I never became friendly with each other, and I think now I am too old to become decent at it!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Fingers and toes crossed for your inclusion in the Blueprint Christmas Exhibition … Don’t really think that you’ll need any luck…You have all of the talent and I think that the judges will see that;-)


  4. I would sew a tag on the back of the fibre piece (in case it gets seperated from the frame) and I would also put a tag of sorts on the back of the frame, I also like signing the matte idea. Good Luck!!!

    Ellen in Maine

  5. I’d love to see pictures of the felt and velvet work. Sounds luscious.
    Linda signs her needlefelt wall hangings with small initials, also needlefelted, on the bottom corner of the piece.

  6. Nicola, I’ve had an idea I’m researching right now – small metal personalized engraved tags; I’ll let you know if I find anything great although it probably won’t be in time for your show!

  7. Nicola – I’ve given some thought about mounting and framing your felt. I suggest you give the felt a 3-D feeling by attaching the felt to a piece of mat board (we call it Bainbridge board in the US). Mount “something” on the back of the felt (on all 4 edges) to make it stand out about 1/2″ then glue that “something” to the mat board. If could be firring strips or just some extra thick cardboard or styrofoam. If the piece of felt is very large, you may need to mount some of the same material (in the shape of a cross) in the middle of the piece so that it doesn’t sag in the middle. The mat board should be several inches wider than the piece of felt . Remember that the bottom border of mat board should be about a 1/2″ deeper than the other 3 sides. Then, put a frame around the mat board. You could sign the mat board in the lower right corner, near the mounted felt…just like a fine piece of art. Mat board comes in all colors or white and is available at most frame shops. It should be a color that compliments the felt. I hope this suggestion inspires you…shirley miller

    • Gosh Shirley, that sounds perfect and very professionally finished…Going to print this off for future use. Thanks a million! What a great topic…Thanks so much for bringing this topic to light, Nicola.

      • Dawn – Since I haven’t actually done this, it may require some tweeking to get the 3-D effect, but you and Nicola have such a great artistic sense, I’m sure you can make adjustments to come up with something quite attractive. I believe the felt needs some dimension and this could be the answer. It also solves the problem of how to actually “sign” your work. I would leave the labels, etc. to the wearables, like clothing and scarves. You might also give a thought to the opposite of 3-D like a shadow box with the felt recessed…keep me posted on what you come up with…good luck, shirley

  8. I have a friend who uses the metal tags on her work and I so wish I had thought of it first!! But other than that you are a machine embroiderer now. Write it in thread!!

  9. interesting topic, I like the one where you lift-up the felt. That’s one of the things I have learned from my art-teacher. This will give you also the possibility that something can came out of the border of your felt.I have another question for you. Do you treat the felt against moths. I see so much felts against wall etc and I wonder if they are treated and if yes how. If not what do you recommend to your buyer.?

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