Felt flowers ……

I’m felting like crazy now in order to have a nice supply of stock for the craft fair on December 4th.  Taking the descision to limit my range of products has been beneficial I think, I’ve decided to concentrate on flowers, a series of bags/accessories combining raw wool and merino and lastly several framed landscapes.  Also mum is not well at all now and I need to work whatever hours I am not visiting her in Dublin.  Yesterday I drove her up there after discovering her own GP was away and the blood tests he ordered last week not back from the lab.  She was seen really quickly by a triage nurse then the ER consultant, had an ECG and chest a X-ray and then was admitted into hospital.  We saw the consultant neurologist last night and today she in undergoing a barrage of tests to confirm the preliminary diagnosis.  Over the last few weeks her muscles have got a lot weaker than usual and several other slight but unusual indications lead to the conclusion she may have a very rare disease, we should know more today or tomorrow.  For now I’ll leave you with an image of some flowers, sorry the colours are not hectic, the sun was shining too brightly at Clasheen this morning!!!

Merino and linen flowers


8 thoughts on “Felt flowers ……

  1. So sorry to hear about your mom…..it is always difficult when you have to worry about a parents health. I am at an age that this seems to be happening more often and it is worrysome. Hope all is well. Your flowers are magnificent. Who would think you could do this with a bit of wool!!!


  2. Oh, Nicola–I’m sorry to hear about your mom being ill. You are right to be assertive in getting her the tests and care she needs!!
    In health care, it is often a case of the ‘squeaky wheel’ getting…well.
    I’m hoping it’s only an electrolyte imbalance or some-such thing, but you both will be in my heart and on my mind in the coming days.

  3. I know that you’re taking good care of your mom, but make sure that you’re taking care of yourself, too. You’re both in my thoughts and on my heart.

    And, yes, good strategy to narrow the focus for all of the fairs/shows…I’m doing more of that myself. Otherwise, too easy for me to become discombobulated at this busy time of year;-)


  4. Holding thumbs that all goes well and that your mom will recover soon Nicola.
    Your flowers and all your felted articles and stitchings are just beautiful and I really enjou reading your posts.
    Regards to everyone at home!

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