Felting production underway as I really want to wow everyone in Carlow on 4th December!

I finally took the plunge and have booked a stand for the ‘Taste of Carlow’ event happening in Carlow town on Sunday 4th December.  This artisan craft fair will be restricted so that ALL the artists and producers present are guaranteed to come from Carlow town or the surrounding county.  If you would like to support local small businesses, me included, please do come along and say hi on the day!  It would be wonderful to see everyone buying their presents and festive food locally, we really need your support to boost our Carlow and Irish economy!!!

From now on I have a plan of action in place and will be felting like crazy to have enough good quality items for my stand and from my studio here at Clasheen.  Last night I felted some flower brooches with stamens, this morning I am working on a merino and local Jacob’s wool shopping bag with inside pocket and am planning to release a pattern for this bag if it works out the way I am hoping.  Last night I designed and printed gift vouchers for felting felting workshops and over the next few days I will be writing up a tutorial for some simple beginners items and packaging them with the necessary raw materials to make up little diy kits for pressies!  Thanks Chrissie for your helpful advice re. time and house managment, hopefully I have started as I mean to go on!!!

If you click on the link below it will bring you thorough to a pdf file listing all many events in the county over the next 6 weeks as well as links to accomodation if you are travelling from outside the area.

‘Taste of Carlow’ and other seasonal events happening to celebrate Christmas in Carlow!

3 thoughts on “Felting production underway as I really want to wow everyone in Carlow on 4th December!

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    That Chrissie is going to get us organized yet, isn’t she (both home and time)? I’m sure that she has many a sleepless night just thinking about it;-))) She’ll probably throw her hands up into the air and run from the house screaming the first time she comes here and sees the organizational nightmare that I have waiting…Don’t tell her Nicola…We’ll just let it be our little surprise;-)))

    Keep up the good work with all of your lovely gift items for the Taste of Carlow…It sounds like a wonderful venue for you…And, yes, handmade gifts are best…for the receiver and for the economy.


    • Hmm Dawn, I am dong my best to keep to Chrissie’s regime but it would be so easy to slip back into my old habits, after all I have only been trying to keep on track for 3 days now!!! You might be better!!!!!

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