Felting crazy, I’m having a busy few days but who’s counting?

I’ve been felting a lot, working on a comission and trying to finish some pieces over the last few days.  Today I have also had to finalise my presentation for the Crafts Council (promoting a craft business through social media, to be delivered at the RDS tomorrow), been to Cushendale Woolen Mill, filled up the truck, been to the bank, taken some pictures and uploaded 6 brooches to my Big Cartel store.  I’ve also taken the decision to change the default currency in the store to Euros.  This is an effort to reduce my stress levels (ha, ha!) and save some time, hopefully it will mean I actually get more work online for sale, that’s the idea anyhow!  On Friday I will be at the Knit and Stitch Show having a good look at all the lovely goodies on offer as well as facilitating a mini workshop at the ‘Learning Curve’, please give me a buzz or call to the Feltmakers Ireland stand if you are at the show and we can have a coffee!!!

5 thoughts on “Felting crazy, I’m having a busy few days but who’s counting?

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    Good that you’re keeping so busy…Keeps you out of mischief;-) Hope that you have a great remainder of the week and weekend. Wish that I were joining you for coffee at the Feltmakers Ireland stand.

    Big hugs,

    • Glad you enjoyed it, I did too Mary and as you know there are so many internet related promotional opportunities the mind boggles. Good luck with your business and I am sure we’ll stay in touch!

  2. You sound as busy as ever Nicola. Send me your shipping address as I have the silk scraps that have been waiting to be sent to you. They are packages and ready to go in the mail.


    • Hi Carole, So sorry you didn’t get my last email, don’t know what happened but sending you the details again any minute now! Thanks SOOO much for getting me those silk scraps!!! XXX

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