Fun little felt brooches!

As part of the Feltmakers Ireland team at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Dublin this week I will be facilitating a mini workshop titled ‘Fun Felt Brooches’.  Holly emailed me the instructions for what we will be sharing with newbies (and maybe some experienced felters!) during these ‘Learning Curve’ sessions so I thought that I would felt some samples and make sure exactly how much time these needed and how it would be possible to vary the decoration but still fit within the overall remit.

Three little turquoise and green felt brooches

On Friday evening I felted 3 and yesterday morning 3 more, they were FUN to make and I am now contemplating heading down to the kitchen and felting 3 more yet again!!!  The wool that we will be using is Kap Merino from Wollknoll, since I have quite a stash of this in my studio as well as different colours of beautiful similar short fibred wool from Filzrausch these little pieces are a wonderful way of using up some of my scraps.  The brooches are felted using two primary colours, a little wool covered resist, surface decoration and a piece or two of scrim or cotton gauze.  I played around with various shaped resists and experimented with different colours of wool laid under the plastic, if you would like to learn how to felt these yourself in just one hour please come along and sign up for one of our ‘Learning Curve’ sessions!

I’ve posted some pictures of the individual brooches to my Flickr photos and if you hop on over to Holly’s blog you can see of her beautiful work, note the neat stitching!!!

Cerise and pale pink based merino and scrim felt brooches

6 thoughts on “Fun little felt brooches!

  1. Oooohhhhh…What a fun project for the mini workshop! I love these brooches… They are fantastic!!!!! Great gift ideas, too. By now, you ought to have oodles done…Sounds like you’re on a roll;-)))

    Hope you’re having a great start to the week.


  2. These look really great. Could you make the tutorial notes available to buy for those of us who live just too far away to get to the workshop? Please?

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