Fossils and labels

As mentioned in my last brief post I do tend to get drawn back to the same inspiration time after time.

Stones on the shoreline near Enniscrone, Co. Sligo

The beauty of the sea-washed stones near Enniscrone on the west coast of Ireland fascinates me, I love their shape and colour as they glisten while wet and I especially love searching for fossils along this particular stretch of shoreline.  I can clearly visualise transposing some of these fossils into wonderful line drawings on felt, since I’m not good at drawing in any shape or form however they’ll just have to remain in my mind’s eye for the moment!  I do have an idea on how I might manage to transpose them in the future but for now need to concentrate on current work, not keep speculating and changing tack or I’ll never get anything done at all!

Close up of the fossil visible in the previous photo

Thankfully the wild weather has abated a little and my internet connection is experiencing no problems this morning.  The labels that I ordered online arrived two days after I filled out the order form so congratulations MyStuff, you provided an excellent service!  The quality appears good and the cost was not bad so I will be happy to use them for now, pics to follow when I actually add the first one to my work!  I do feel that for the future I would like to design my own  labels printed on cotton, not satin, but as a stop-gap I can recommend these for anyone wanting something simple, inexpensive and reliable.


5 thoughts on “Fossils and labels

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    That fossil is fantastic! Will be interested to see how you incorporate these images into your felt through line drawings (I’m with you on the inability to draw much more than a simple stick figure;-)

    Hope all of your wild weather is behind you and that you’re enjoying a great day.


    • Thanks Sharon, did have a look at these but decided to buy from the local company as I still feel I need to design a different one myself instead of a traditional style! It’s always good to have options though and I agree this company have a great colour selection.

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  2. Hi Nicola, I love the coast too.. ALWAYS inspires me, no 2 days are ever the same.. That fossil is absolutely splendid! I’d of been doing a victory dance if I spotted that one 🙂

    I make my own labels, designed them on the computer & print them onto T-sirt transfer paper for DARK T-shirts, then iron them onto cotton. I like them; they are sturdy, they remind me of a thin fake leather & are great for bags.. wouldnt put them into anything lightweight though. That said I used a cotton calico so tats quite heavy, maybe on a softer cotton the labels themselves would seam lighterweight. They do sew on easily and are lovely and soft to the touch.. think they would probably be ok on heavier wearables.


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