Istvan and Trees arrive in Ireland, a special 4 days of felt related activity is underway!

It’s official, felt masters Istvan Vidak and Trees Coussement have arrived in Ireland!  Carmen and I returned from collecting them at the airport last night at 11pm and then I spent until 2.40am cooking at Clasheen, whew, I will sleep well tonight.  This morning I drove back to Carmen’s to collect Istvan and Trees and we went together to meet up with Jeremy Hill at the wonderful Norman Gallery where an exhibition of their work will open later tonight.

The Norman Gallery is the perfect setting to show off these beautiful felt bags

I helped Vidak and Trees organise the felt and I have to confess to buying one of Istvan’s stunning decorative bags too!  After meeting the workshop participants and grabbing a quick lunch it was back home for me to finish fitting the units in the back kitchen.  Now I just need to tidy the bedrooms where 3 of my friends will be staying then it’s off to the train station for me and flying to Birmingham at 6.30am with Alan for the weekend!  Tomorrow while Alan is at a meeting I am going to head to a textile market I discovered on a search for saris and the like to nuno felt with!  On Monday I will meet up with Carmen, Istvan and Trees again and get the chance to see some of the beautiful work felted over the next 4 days.

While I am away Rex will be in seventh heaven with all the house guests and loads of walking.  Possibly I won’t get to do much over the internet until Monday evening but I do promise to upload a few pics via Facebook if I get a chance to catch my breath and find some yummy fabric!

Istvan and Trees joking in front of the beautiful bag I bought


4 thoughts on “Istvan and Trees arrive in Ireland, a special 4 days of felt related activity is underway!

  1. Love the picture you put up of the Norman Gallery exhibition – looks like the perfect setting!
    If I’d of known you were coming to Birmingham we could of met up .. we live about 8 miles outside the city. Hope you find some good fabrics..
    Deborah x

  2. Good morning!

    Well I’d say that you definitely deserved to make the purchase of that beautiful bag after your two weeks of labor intensive work…It was your reward;-)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, are able to catch up on some much needed rest, find oodles of fabric, and just totally enjoy yourself (especially knowing that Rex is being so well cared for).


  3. Good morning, Nicola
    What is that dimpled texture on the rust bag behind Istvan and Trees? It almost has an ostrich skin look to it. Fantastic bags!
    Stephanie Jacobs

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