Beautiful bags, hat and jacket in progress this afternoon …..

After a really busy morning manhandling the cupboards in my old utility room I spent a very enjoyable afternoon in Borris with the felting ladies from the Active Retirement Group.  This is now my fourth session working with the group and we had a 3 hour session today in order to get some bigger projects underway.  Dorothy is felting a body warmer, Betty a hat and Myna, Una, Jo, Ann and Mary are all felting bags, some with integrated handles and all with optional inside pockets!  Jo’s bag is almost finished, Dorothy’s first large piece of yardage is done and everyone else is at the rubbing and rolling stage with their bags.  I’m EXHAUSTED now so I’m just going to leave you with a picture of Mary’s bag when it was laid out and a close up view, the handles are going to be wonderful with it!  ‘Till tomorrow …..

Mary with her bag laid out and ready to felt

Close up of Mary's beautiful bag


3 thoughts on “Beautiful bags, hat and jacket in progress this afternoon …..

  1. Well, what can I say….Great teacher, great student;-) Mary’s bag is a masterpiece…I love it!!!!!

    I can’t believe that you had the energy to teach after all of that work at home in the morning. You are a dynamo!!!! Hope you might find a bit of time to rest today. I’m going to be nervous the next time that you come to visit, now that your place is as clean as a whistle…You’re really putting the pressure on…Sewing, tidying, organizing….;-)


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