Another rose hip felt vessel and more free machine embroidery pictures

Apologies for not posting final pictures from the weekend’s free machine embroidery workshop yesterday, tidying up just got in the way!  Seriously, the massive back kitchen/garage restructuring that I have undertaken this week is really coming along famously and I didn’t want to break stride and get sidetracked by the computer, I would NEVER have headed back to the devestation that is my garage otherwise!!!

My mother’s birthday in on Sunday and she has requested a companion piece to the little rose hip vessel (one of the pieces in ‘From Felt to Friendship’) I gave her for Mother’s Day earlier in the year.  Luckily she requested this ages ago (as she requested the original vessel!) and I was able to put some orange, red and black merino aside in a bag so fingers crossed I can make a nice piece this morning, a welcome change from all the tidying and cleaning going on chez Clasheen!  This afternoon I am playing in the last big ladies golf competition of 2011 so thinking of this I have put aside this morning for felting the vessel and hopefully a couple of new bracelets to stitch at the weekend.  I really feel that because I have invested so heavily in my machine I need to get to grips with the technicalities pdq because I obviously need to be selling work to justify the initial cash outlay.  My intention is not to stitch every piece of felt from now onwards rather understand the possibilities and see where that leads me!  Now on to some more pictures and info from Arlene Shawcross’s brilliant free machine embroidery workshop last weekend.

The finished bracelet photographed against the granite stone wall I used for inspiration

On Saturday evening when I returned home after the first day was over, I had a look in my studio to see if any of the beautiful glass buttons I brought home from the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck last October would suit the colours of the bracelet which I had been stitching.  The loop closure is not the widest because I felt I needed to keep it in proportion to the delicacy of the stone wall design so I was delighted to discover the smallest of the buttons was a beautiful grey/blue glass with a band of deep green and iredescent gold, perfect.  It was a bit (or a lot fiddly!) to attach the button and after a failed attempt myself I have to confess that Arlene was brilliant and stitched it on for me, thanks Arlene!  Big strong hands are a huge advantage sometimes (excuse the pun) but for some jobs especially ones involving detailed sewing I just get very frustrated, ah well, one step at a time I suppose.

My next experimental project was to stitch on a dissolvable paper, very interesting.  Arlene has gorgeous samples and I thought this would be a very interesting way of creating interesting pieces to sandwich between two layers of perspex or glass, my mind was humming!  With this method I didn’t need to cross over each line of stitches to the same degree as I had with the Romeo, the second stage of the process is wetting out and removing some of the paper so being selective with this ensures that the remaining paper ‘bonds’ everything together anyway.  Adding paint to your brush and washing it lightly over the surface of the stitches and paper leads to interesting effects if you don’t make it too wet, as the water/paint dries the remaining paper stiffens around the stitching.  I loved this distressed look and will be experimenting further, below is an image of one of the pieces that I made.  The final piece that I created used a very sticky backed plastic, problems, problems with this one but a very impressive final result even if I do say so myself!  I’m going to add a few selective beads to this piece, frame it, photograph it and then blog about it so until then I’m not going to write any more about it here.

A close up of the stitched, dissolved and dried paper sample


4 thoughts on “Another rose hip felt vessel and more free machine embroidery pictures

  1. Oh dear, you know that I’m worried terribly about you, don’t you? Garage cleaning, stitching to beat the band, what next, eating Cool Whip? ;-))) Hope you have a great golf outing this afternoon. Wish your mom a very happy birthday from me…Can’t wait to see what you designed for her. There’s absolutely nothing better than handmade gifts.

    Well, off to do a little of my own tidying, though I must add that I’m not quite so enthusiastic as you, so it may be short-lived.


  2. Hi Nicola.
    It is wonderfull sitting here in the Baltic Sea region , on Bornholm and watchung your felting ideas. Hope to see , what you are making for your mum.
    Do you remember that we talked about how I could come over and house watching when you schouls go somewhwrw?I am still interrested forinstance next easter or sommer. You can come here anytime to endeaver bornholm.Try googling this Ireland.
    Sencirely Annette

    • Hi Annette, Lovely to hear from you and yes, it would be great if you would come here to Clasheen next time I am away teaching in US! I have sent you an email.

  3. I love the dissolved paper. Have you ever hand made paper from roots or iris leaves or okra? it is sooo fun. when I looked at the stitching above BEFORE I read the title of the pic, I thought geeze that looks like paper. I used to do a lot of Japanese Washi paper, it is made from mulberry root and is very strong and a delight because the fibers are long making it extremely strong and hard to tear.
    As I was falling asleep last night I was thinking of embedding washii under a slight wispy layer of felt for wall hanging. with a purpose and goal in mind. Here today I open your blog and you are a step ahead in putting disolvable paper onto stitched linen. I enjoy layering things and exposing the inner layers as visual surprise. Well, my alarm has gone off and it is time to get to yet, another data center. I am glad for the work but would very much like to work in my studio today.

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