Nuno felt scarf and wrap pics at last!

Today I managed to take some pictures of the nuno felt scarf and wrap I felted using some of Kool-Aid dyed merino and ponge silk from the weekend.

Peaches and cream nuno felt wrap

No, we don’t have Kool-Aid here in Ireland but I am lucky to have a good US friend who knows I love it (NOT to drink but to dye with!!!), thanks Kristi!  It’s also on my ‘to buy’ list when I visit Jamie and Blas, Sharon and Emma, Dawn and Jan, the special friends who are so good to host felting workshops on my amazing trips across the water.

Incredibly, not only have I taken pictures of the two pieces but I also managed to revisit my Big Cartel online shop and get them listed earlier this afternoon.  Woo hoo, finally I have some items for sale again and not just languishing in my wardrobe!  I am also just about start a new page to update all my links and let you see which websites and blogs I follow, for today however enough is enough, I need to cook some food now and have a tasty supper!!!

Nuno felt scarf with matching flower brooch


3 thoughts on “Nuno felt scarf and wrap pics at last!

  1. I’m so glad you were able to put it to such good use…it’s beautiful. Funny, we have it here everywhere and I’ve almost never taken advantage of it. You may have inspired me to do some Kool-Aid dying today!

    Hoping we’ll see you soon!

  2. Oooohhh….Gorgeous…Especially love the peaches and cream nuno wrap. That Kool-Aid is amazing stuff…Almost as good to drink as it is to dye with;-) Just kidding about the drinking, though I did like the lime and orange when I was young. I’m sure that it was very healthy…Oh my lands! I’ll be keeping my eyes open wide for sales in the Kool Aid isle of the grocery store. Kristi you chose some beautiful colors.

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