ArtL!nks profile updated

I’ve just updated my profile on ArtL!nks this afternoon but why oh why can’t I upload my new avatar or profile picture?????  It’s SOOOOO frustrating to spend hours constantly editing and resending info only to have NOTHING make a difference at the end of the day, ugh!  Anyway, enough moaning.

Alan is tied up until late tonight and my weekend workshop had to be postponed unfortunately (broken wrists and other similar last minute problems!) so I’ve taken the opportunity to tidy the kitchen and get some internet essentials out of the way.  A large tray of seasonal vegtables are roasting in the oven and I’ve already made a yummy smoked bacon, tomato and garlic topping to use as a base for a puff pastry tart later.  Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll get a good walk up the mountain and spend the rest of the day felting, nuno felting anyone???

Colours and textures in a recent nuno felt scarf


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