Shells and sea slugs!

I returned home yesterday evening after being treated by my mother to 3 wonderful nights at Fort Royal Hotel in Donegal, thanks mum!!!

Shells glistening in the water

Here’s a picture of some shells at the edge of the shoreline, don’t they just glisten in the water as the light catches their colours?

This morning it was back to business: the first of 5 workshop sessions with Carlow Wheelchair Association (it went brilliantly!), a visit to a friend in hospital, yet more tidying and washing/drying clothes and now trying to catch up with a few things on the internet.

Tomorrow and Sunday I need to finish my latest nudibranch (sea slug) because it needs to be delivered to the Crafts Council on Monday morning.  Fingers crossed everything will work out over the weekend and the sculpture will make the final selcetion process and be exhibited at ‘Seascapes’ later in the winter, I’ll keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “Shells and sea slugs!

  1. Hope your sea slug finish work is going well. Keeping my fingers crossed that it makes it into the exhibit, but I have a feeling that you won’t need my wishes for good luck….I think your work speaks for itself and that you’ll be a shoo-in (hmmm….is it shoo-in or shoe-in…Well, you know what I mean;-)

    Oh, and by the way….I have tidying on my list for this weekend, too. What I want to know…Who keeps coming into our homes and messing things up? Couldn’t be us that’s causing things to be so disorganized;-)

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