Exhibition wrap up, preparation for Chrissie and Nigel’s arrival and please vote for Dawn!

Yesterday evening our 10 days exhibiting at Grennan Mill Craft School was over.  I had such fun over the last two weeks, spending time with Alex (director of the craft school), the other artists and everybody helping them set up and invigilate the show, I think we all had a ball!  Welcoming visitors to the ground floor space Clive Nunn had a wonderful exhibition exploring his journey through Irish furniture over the last 30 years.  It was fascinating to read his story boards and see examples of venacular furniture side by side with the stylish modern designs that he now makes to commission from his studio a stones throw down the road from Grennan.

Detail from my favourite of Trini's batics

Moving up the stairs to the mezzanine gallery, Trini Kenny’s amazing batics drew gasps of admiration from all our visitors and many people were tempted to put their hands in their pockets and bring one of these beautiful framed pieces home with them.  My work was on this level too in the first floor gallery and two flights of stairs higher saw wonderful leather work from Brendan Brennan and an amazing photography exhibition from Kirsty O’Keeffe.  Finally up a further two flights of stairs to the top floor gallery where Maire Gartland had a fabulous exhibition of paintings and beautiful hand made books.  This is the largest gallery in the mill and Maire’s work really showed off the space to the best advantage.  The public appreciated her work too and it was great to see people not afraid to invest in a bigger piece of art, some of the canvases were huge!

Turquoise, white and hot orange felt vessel

I was very happy to sell 4 of my vessels and 4 framed seascapes.  It was good too to get a comission for another framed piece and potentially 2 more comissions for small vessels, fingers crossed they both pan out.  Many visitors are interested in felting workshops so all in all it was a very successful experience for me sharing my work and meeting other like minded individuals!

Today I have been battling in my kitchen and other areas of the house in preparation for Chrissie and Nigel Day’s arrival on Thursday.  Most of you probably know by now that the wonderful Dawn Edwards and I both attended the same university of housework, unfortunately I was a dropout so there really is a LOT of work to get done before Chrissie and I have our launch party for ‘From Felt to Friendship’ next Saturday!!!  Speaking of Dawn, please, please, please head on over HERE, check out her amazing hat and vote for her if you would like to see a fellow felter win the design opportunity of a lifetime.  She needs 100s of you to click that vote button so don’t be shy, the leader at the moment has over 1000 votes so let’s see if the power of our textile network can really push Dawn up that list fast, there are only 2 days left!!!


5 thoughts on “Exhibition wrap up, preparation for Chrissie and Nigel’s arrival and please vote for Dawn!

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the mention in today’s blog post….You’re a gem!!!!

    Well, by now I’m sure that you’re enjoying relaxing moments of dusting, mopping, and tidying the house. Just remember not to have too much fun lest you blow the circuitry in the house with all of that marvelous vacuuming. Why, just thinking about this makes me want to jump to my feet and start scrubbing something!!!! LOL!!! Perhaps we should open a cleaning business, “Two Felters and a Mop”…Ha! Ha! We’d quickly go out of business;-) I know that you, Chrissie and Nigel are going to have a fantastic time together…Enjoy each and every moment.

    So happy for you….I knew that your exhibit would be a big hit! Your sales were fantastic!!!! Lucky customers, who are now the proud owners of your creations.

    Thanks again so much.


  2. Wow – the pressure is on what with Nigel being a gourmet cook – but I know you will rise to the occasion – glad to hear things are going so well. I only wish we could bottle and sell your metabolism. I know that the launch party etc. will be a grand success. Wishing you stars, Karen

  3. Oh my! I’m a sometimes felter/hatter who recently signed up to your newsletter and I’m really enjoying it….Thankyou so much for your link to Dawn Edwards hat for the Stephen Jones exhibit/experience. Wow. I love her hat (and voted). Moreover, seeing that there are sooooo many-(can’t quite count how many) talented milliner/artists out there. Superb.

    Have a great feast party!

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words and for voting for me Juliane….I really appreciate it…And, yes, I so agree…There are some amazing hats on the site.

    Thank you again Nicola for the mention on your post….You’re such a great friend.

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