Addled …..

At this stage I am totally addled and don’t know whether I am coming or going as regards the finishing of my work for Kilkenny Arts Festival.  Thanks to Carmen, Jean and Cristina who all have kept me sane over the last couple of days and Dawn and Chrissie who have put up with some depressed and frustrated emails, you guys are the best!!!  Constructive and objective advice from good friends is just what I needed, now I am felting one last piece today then tomorrow I head over to my buddy Eileen‘s house first thing in the morning.  Eileen really stepped up to the plate today when I discovered that the plinths I had been going to use are not actually available after all, big panic that is thankfully all sorted out now, thanks Eileen!

On another note I was blown away by all the birthday wishes I recieved on Saturday, amazing the power of the internet!!!  It just goes to show that we really can make true friends online and once the fuss of getting my show set up in Grennan dies down I am really looking forward to spending a week or so tidying up around the house and doing some weeding (not sure how effective that will be, it’s like a jungle outside with all this rain we are getting!) in advance of Chrissie’s trip here later in the month.  Imagine this will be the first time EVER that Chrissie and I will actually meet in the flesh!!!  We are planning a party to celebrate the launch of our book, please keep Saturday 20th August free in your diary if you would like to visit Clasheen and  have a chance to meet Chrissie yourself!

a meeting of minds…
By Chrissie Day and N…

2 thoughts on “Addled …..

  1. best of luck with it all. It will all be good on the day. I had such a good time meeting with you all and you truly can meet friends on the net. I’m guessing you got that fleece through customs? Anything happen with it yet?

  2. Hope everything is falling into place for your exhibit and that you’re sprinting towards the finish line. We’re all rooting for you and will be looking forward to photos soon.

    So wish that I were going to be there with you and Chrissie for your book launch. I know that it will be a grand meeting, weeds and all. Just leave the weeds and tell Chrissie that it’s a wildflower garden;-) Hoping that when Chrissie makes it here that we’ll have snow on the ground to cover a multitude of yard ills…I’ve completely given up! Too dog-gone hot and humid here for me to be out gardening. The weeds have definitely won the battle here.

    Big hugs and best wishes for a fantastic exhibit,

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