Teaser photo, thanks a bunch and weekend felting workshop

Here is a teaser photo from my main neckpiece completed during Lisa Klakulak’s workshop, more tomorrow!

Free machine embroidery using a selection of threads and differing tensions

Thanks a bunch for all the positive comments about my first adventures into free machine embroidery, much appreciated.  I really wanted to push myself with the workshops I participated in at FIF but wasn’t expecting to have so much fun with the sewing, ah well, it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!!!

Lastly for today, don’t forget that I am facilitating a felting workshop at The Yarn Room in Ashford, Co. Wicklow this Saturday, the perfect way to release your creative inner spirit.  Why not pop along for a relaxing day of felting fun???


5 thoughts on “Teaser photo, thanks a bunch and weekend felting workshop

  1. Good morning,

    I shall be sure to encourage Yogi to try to learn a couple of new tricks…Ha! Ha!!! Seriously, I love your new work. Your FIF workshops must have been amazing! Perhaps I’ll even have to give this type of stitching a go (you know that I have needle and thread with me at all times…may have to shove a sewing machine into the car, too;-)…Your “teaser” photo is fantastic…I love it!!!

    Have a great time teaching at your workshop…I know that you will.


  2. Beautiful texture with free embroidery. Adds another look of a felted piece. Thanks for sweet comment on my blog. You’re a great felter, do hope I can learn from you some day in the future. Your works are amazing.. Have a wonderful teaching.

    Terrie from Hong Kong

  3. I just love the new “look” the free embroidery sewing gives your felted pieces. It is like one more added feature of texture. It is great, cannot wait to see the next pictures!!!


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