Felting in Roskilde this morning …..

It’s a beautiful warm and sunny morning here in Roskilde, Denmark so Kirsten and I have planned a morning of relaxing, felting and possibly a really short session of rust dying, heaven!!!  I have so many ideas in my head after our wonderful week participating at Felt in Focus and can’t wait to share pics with you tomorrow morning from my own computer, I promise!  The whole experience was really something special, obviously the workshops where we got stuck in with hands on tasks was the main reason for attending but the friendships renewed and created were quite special, this event has been so much more than just another chance to learn new techniques.  Discovering new ways to end up with old results really did prove that there are many ways to skin a cat (sorry for the dreadfully graphic anaology!) and you definitely can teach an old dog new tricks.  I think that I may have a way of making some of the protrusions on my vessels SO much easier to include but we’ll wait and see, plenty of experimenting to come over the next few weeks when I get a minute from finishing my work for the solo show I have during Kilkenny Arts Festival at the beginning of August.

Till tomorrow …..


2 thoughts on “Felting in Roskilde this morning …..

  1. Well, I was having a perfectly fine morning until your cat-skinning imagery…I hope you’re happy now;-))) So, you say that I can teach my old Yogi some new tricks…Any suggestions??

    Hope you and Kirsten are having a marvelous day. Can’t wait to hear all about, and see pictures, of your wonderful Felt In Focus week. So glad that you’ve had this time to recharge your batteries, reconnect with old friends/make new, learn, create, and have fun.


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