First pictures of my finished work from wonderful Felt in Focus!

I spent a wonderful time with old and new friends at Felt in Focus and the journey continues with Kirsten Lund, her husband Niels and Pam de Groot in Roskilde, Kirsten and Niels’s beautiful home in Roskilde near Copenhagen.  On Monday I return home so for now I would like to share pictures of the first felt I stitched (I know, STITCHING!!!) using free machine embroidery in Lisa Klakulak’s fantastic workshop, this was originally intended to be a wrist pices but due to miscalculating the shrinkage rate I now have a lovely piece to hang on my wall!!!!!

OK, I need to backtrack slightly because I don’t seem able to upload them from this computer but I will upload them to my Facebook page directly from the phone so fingers crossed you are all buddies of mine there and will be able to view them in a couple of minutes!  OK, I don’t know what is happening but now I can’t upload anything to Facebook, have patientce and I will try again tonight.


2 thoughts on “First pictures of my finished work from wonderful Felt in Focus!

  1. Good morning/afternoon,

    I couldn’t believe when Chrissie pointed out to me that you’d been stitching…I just have a feeling that you’re going to become a full-fledged seamstress!!!

    So glad to hear that you’ve been having such a fantastic time…Will look forward to seeing pictures when your camera/phone is being more agreeable;-)


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