Happy, happy faces at the end of our amazing time with Horst!!!

I think that the faces say it all!!!  Safe travelling to Horst, Gina and Kirsten, all heading for mainland Europe first thing tomorrow morning allowing me time to upload ALL the images of our amazing workshop!

Me, Lorraine, Horst, Tracy, Kirsten, Gerda, Natasha, Sigrid, Kirsten and Trisha!!! Ness and Niki completed the group but had to leave earlier.


12 thoughts on “Happy, happy faces at the end of our amazing time with Horst!!!

  1. Good evening Nicola, Horst, and Gina,

    Wow!!!! Looks like everyone had a great time (and very successful, too) at the workshop.

    Horst, it looks like part one of your trip was wildly successful. What a fantastic assortment of Horst inspired couture…all totally amazing!!!! Great teacher, great creations. I’ll bet Dorie and your students in the Netherlands are so excited that you’ll soon be winging your way over to them. Safe travels Horst and Gina.

    Nicola, can you believe how fast that time flew by? Rest up a little after your whirlwind week.. Your new bags are so cool!!!! Can’t wait to see more photos soon.


  2. All I can say is “wow”!!! Looks like everyone was busy. Can’t wait to see more. Hope you can get a little rest and relaxation now.

  3. I can’t believe how great the outfits and purses are. Those are all amazing! What an amazing opportunity.

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