It’s 12.30 at night ….. and surprise meeting this afternoon!

It’s 12.30 at night and I have finally made Horst and Gina’s beds, Kirsten’s will just have to wait until tomorrow evening!  I still have about another hour of organising/tidying to go but I must say that Dawn’s ultimate method of shoving everything into a closet or chest of drawers when you run out of time is getting more appealing by the minute, my only problem is that I don’t have enough storage to hold everything, pity, hmm!!!!!

I did get to have a lovely lunch and chat with Cristina earlier in the day (lunchtime I think but the hours are now blurring into one) and then had a surprise phone call from the wonderful Australian felter Pam de Groot.  Would you believe that Pam was at Cushendale Woolen Mill in Graiguenamanagh at the same time that Cristina and I were sorting out a lot of the logistics for Horst’s workshop?  We did manage to meet for a coffee and a chat however in Kilkenny and discovered that we are both booked in for Lisa Klakulak’s workshop at Felt in Focus!!!


4 thoughts on “It’s 12.30 at night ….. and surprise meeting this afternoon!

  1. Oh, and I forgot to mention, another great storage area…Under the bed;-)))

    Well, I do hope that you managed to get a couple of hours of sleep. It may need to be an early night for you, GIna and Horst (which will probably work out just fine with the jet lag that they may be feeling).

    So much excitement for you at the moment…Horst, Pam DeGroot, Felt in Focus looming…Life is good:-)

    Have a great time with Horst, Gina, and all of the workshop participants (tell Kirsten “hello” for me, too).

    Big hugs and wishes for a little nap for you,

  2. So exciting to get to go to Felt in Focus. I am treating myself to a 5 day class with Lisa Klakulak this September at the Taos Wool Festival and am beyond excited to learn about her techniques. I simply love her work!

    Good luck with all the organizing. Having guests can be exhausting, but yours are so exciting that at least that makes up for it.


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