Preparations ramped up for Horst’s upcoming large felt garment workshop!

WOW, it’s all go here trying to get everything organised for Horst’s workshop next weekend, big dye pots, cooker, sanders, plastic, tables, you name it and I’m trying to track it down!!!  Cristina is being great as usual and I am heading over to the studio on Tuesday to deliver the wool and equipment needed, go through the daily menus and make sure we have as much as possible sorted before I pick up Horst and Gina on Wednesday.  Sigrid (Germany), Gerda (Portugal) and Kirsten (Denmark) are all arriving at various stages on Wednesday too so it is going to be pretty hectic if I don’t get myself into gear and sort out my house pdq!  Off now for another bout of tidying ….. I’ll leave you with a picture of Horst’s garments from last week’s Sheep and Wool Festival in Kilkenny.

Horst's wonderful garments caused a big stir in Kilkenny!


8 thoughts on “Preparations ramped up for Horst’s upcoming large felt garment workshop!

  1. Just remember these words of wisdom regarding tidying….When all else fails, just shove it all in a closet;-) I’m sure everything is tidied just fine. Have a wonderful time with Horst and Gina, and all of the wonderful participants…Will be a fantastic workshop and visit.

    Big hugs,

  2. I bet people in Kilkenny were impressed with those dresses, they are spectacular! Fingers crossed the workshop goes well! Remember, the most important is to enjoy it to the fullest. Have fun girl!

  3. I would give anything to be there in your Horst workshop. I will be sitting at my computer, waiting to see all the wonderful photos of the garments made. What an exceptional experience to be able to create something like that.

    Have a great time!!!! DOn’t stress about the house, it will all work out.


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