Pictures from the wonderful Sheep and Wool Festival, Horst at Clasheen and Pam de Groot in Kerry!

Today has been another exceptionally busy day so far, shortly however I am off for a relaxing bath then heading in to Borris for the opening of the ‘9 Stones Artists’ current exhibition.  I am really at the pin of my collar trying to get everything organised for Horst and Gina’s visit to Clasheen (Gina is his youngest daughter), find the sanders, plastic, dye pots and other stuff for the workshop, sort the house out, unpack from both my US trip and Enniscrone, unload the truck after the Sheep and Wool Festival, prepare for my Danish buddy Kirsten to arrive (can’t wait Kirsten!) plus 100 other every day things that have been totally neglected in the mad whirl of the last week or so!

AAGH, seem to be having problems uploading images to WordPress this afternoon, wouldn’t you know it?  I do have a selection from the weekend up on Flickr now (titles and descriptions to follow later I’m afraid) so pop on over there if you want to have a look, will try to upload them here again tomorrow but for now I have run out of time yet again!

Lastly, I am SO EXCITED that Horst will be arriving in less than a weeks time.  Sharon Crandall is feeling the same way too I am sure because amazingly she has organised super felter Pam de Groot to facilitate a felting masterclass in Kerry the very same dates we will all be enjoying Horst’s instruction in Bennettsbridge!!!  There are 2 places left for Sharon’s workshop with Pam so please check out this post on her blog if you are interested in booking.  For those of you attending Horst’s event I promise to be in touch over the nexgt day or so just to confirm everyone knows exactly what day they are arriving on and where exactly they will be staying!  It is truly going to be an international event because we have participants arriving from Denmark, England, Portugal and Germany not to mention those of you attending from Ireland, Irish or otherwise!!!

8 thoughts on “Pictures from the wonderful Sheep and Wool Festival, Horst at Clasheen and Pam de Groot in Kerry!

  1. From where do you get your energy? Sounds very exciting though. Had a look at Flickr and would really like to have been able to look at those tables as they looked very inviting.
    You have a lot to do (as always) but don’t forget to breathe!!

  2. Ireland certainly seems to be a feltmaker’s paradise with so much going on…festivals, art exhibits, international teachers and students coming together from all corners of the globe to learn. Wish I were going to be in attendance, but will have to live vicariously through your words and images, which are always wonderful.

    Try to take a little time for yourself…Don’t want you burning out from exhaustion.


  3. Nicola. ……It sounds like when you got home from your trip to the states, you have not had a moment to sit down with a cup of tea. You are going in 20 different directions to get everything coordinated and organized. I too, wish I could be there for the international teachers workshops.

    Thoroughly enjoyed your workshop in California……keep us posted on your busy days ahead.

    Carole Dysart

  4. You wear me out, girl, just reading about all you do! I’m on a lazy road trip down the coast to San Diego to take a shibori class. I brought felting supplies for my “quiet evenings” and have managed to felt one flower in a week and a half. Oh well….

  5. WIsh you loads of joy. WIll you meet Pam too, or are you just to busy with Horst. As you know I will meet them both and hopelfully they will meet eachother. Excting times indeed

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