Having a fun time in KY!

I sit here trying to write about the marvellous time I’m having here with Jan and all the KY ladies but for some reason this iPad is behaving funnily and I can’t actually read a word that I am writing. Hopefully I don’t have too many spelling and grammer mistakes, the screen is blank for some reason so please bear with me.

Yesterday’s second workshop saw the creation of some AMAZING felt pieces, congratulations to both the experiened felters and the newbies, your work was awsome!!!

Today Jan and I spent a really fun and action packed day with Lindy Huber from Seldom Scene Farm (will link when I can see what Iam doing!) llamas, alpaca, sun, wine, friends and good food, brilliant thanks Lindy!

now i want to help jan lay out a bag and th en i need to juggle my packing and try to sort out a few things tonight in order to have a stress free journey home tomorow. as soon as i get home i promise to upload


Os of photos and wrilte l

Poperly about the en of my. Stay here, until then, adieu.


4 thoughts on “Having a fun time in KY!

  1. Hmmm Nicola, is it the Ipad or could it be the wine that has caused the horrible typing?!!! I had SO much fun today with you and Jan (will likely recount THAT story tomorrow in my blog) and of course a wonderful two days in your workshop. Thanks so much for teaching, and we really hope you’ll return to Lexington later this year. Safe travels home.

  2. Gosh, I must need more coffee…Having a hard time making some of that wording out;-)))

    So glad that you’ve had such a wonderful time in Kentucky. Will look forward to seeing pictures soon.

    Safe travels home. Come back soon.


  3. Wish I’d been able to get back for the second day. I think I’m hooked now! Love my Ipad case and have lots of ideas for more projects. Hope you have safe travels and I look forward to seeing you back in Kentucky in the fall.

  4. so glad to see and hear about the KY workshop, Nicola! Eventful with the alpaca adventure..and lovely pieces ..terrific to see the ladies in KY after having been at the MI gathering!

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