Wonderful Loomis and Plainwell workshop pictures up on Flickr!

WOW, looking back over the pictures from our workshops at The Tin Thimble and Plainwell it is amazing how many beautiful, artist and fantastic pieces were felted over the course of these first 4 workshops!!!  I still need to title the images but for those of you just hopping to have a look Loomis pics are here and Plainwell pics are here.  Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Wonderful Loomis and Plainwell workshop pictures up on Flickr!

  1. Some of those pieces are stunning and they are all lovely. Amazing what can be achieved in a workshop.
    And everyone looks so happy but then that’s what being creative does to you!

  2. Oh if only I was in the States, I would be there in a flash…excellent workshops, and so many variations of styles and work..I am impressed..

  3. So enjoying your being with us here in Plainwell. It’s been a delight. Wish our time weren’t flying by so quickly. I may have to come along to Kentucky;-) …. Speaking of which, all of you Kentucky Workshop participants are in for a treat…Nicola is a wonderful teacher and you’re going to take away so much information and beautiful creations.

    Big hugs,

  4. I always head back to Michigan once a year…next year, I “know” what I’d like to do on my vacation…take your workshop! That is, if you are going back to Plainwell.

  5. Wow! I wish I’d been able to attend Nicola’s classes this year. Kalamazoo last year was great, but there sure are some amazing pieces here I wish I’d been able to try.

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