Felt, friends, fabric and FUN!!!

They are talking about me at CraftGossip.com
I am having such a wonderful time here at The Tin Thimble in Loomis, a veritable feast of felt, friends, fibre, fabric and fun all day long!  Time is tight and I am just grabbing a quiet 10 minute break to give you a short update while everyone has some lunch then it’s back to the work space, really, felting is SO NOT an effort!!!  It’s been brilliant to catch up with old friends and meet up with new ones, ten minutes is just not enough time to fill you in on everything that has been happening but here are a couple of the highlights …..

  • Sharon, Emma, Lisa and I have been felting like dervishes every spare minute we can between workshops, skirts, vests, jackets and wraps, amazing colours, fabric and style
  • Had a lovely visit from Karen Crete and her GORGEOUS young man, check out the pic below!
  • The felted accessories workshop yesterday was such fun and some gorgeous pieces of felt were created, pics when we take some of the finished pieces
  • The nuno mosaic class is well underway now and there will be some amazing large pieces felted by the time I try and update you all again tomorrow
  • From Felt to Friendship is 7th overall in the Blurb bestsellers list, 4th in the craft section!
  • Chrissie and I were featured online by the amazing Linda Lanese of Craft Gossip fame, check out the post the free draw for a book if you live in the USA!  For those of you not living in that part of the world Chrissie and I hope to have another draw as soon as I get home so keep your eyes peeled to both our blogs!  http://felting.craftgossip.com/giveaway/book-review-and-giveaway-from-felt-to-friendship/

Karen and her beautiful Steamboat Willie


7 thoughts on “Felt, friends, fabric and FUN!!!

  1. Love the book but, being from the US, I”m confused by what you mean by “needlefelt fabric”…..To me, needle felting is a “technique” to deposit fibres onto another piece of fabric. I suspect you have a different meaning. Can you explain the difference?


    • Hi Shirley, sorry about the slow response, just felting so much with all the workshops only using Internet via phone most days for absolute basics! Needle punched felt is a layer of fibres commercially prepared by a machine with 1000s needles which punches them into an even layer ready to cut out and felt. It might be for sake as prefect in US even though it has actually had no water or friction applied! Hope this helps and please keep asking those questions!!! X

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  2. So glad you’re having fun in CA. Can’t wait to see the pics. We are so looking forward to some felting fun here in MI too. By the way, I finally was able to read through the book…I LOVE it, and not just because you feature Rex!

  3. Good morning Nicola (hey, it’s morning for both of us;-)

    Well, I’m counting down the days…Not to rush your time in Loomis, but I’m so excited to see you. Just can’t wait!

    Congratulations!!!! That’s fantastic news that your Blurb ratings are so high, and in such a short window of time. Very well deserved honor for you and Chrissie…The book is fantastic!

    Big hugs,

  4. Nicola – That’s the answer I was looking for. Over here, we would call that fabric “prefelt” and it does make perfect sense. Just wanted to be sure that I wasn’t assuming something that was wrong.
    Thanks…have fun with your classes…

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