New felt vessel, thanks again and latest Wikio rankings!

This morning I started a turquoise and white vessel, the first in a new series which will form the main focus of my solo show this year for the Kilkenny Arts Festival, hopefully I might have a few pictures for you all tomorrow.  It felt great to be laying out my fibres and felting again, the last few weeks have really seen me tied to the computer but now I need to concentrate on getting a little work finished before I head of to U.S. next Monday.  I also want to felt a few new nuno mosaic scarves to bring with me but at the moment all I can think of is one day at a time and I don’t have many of those days or times left now!

Chrissie and I are thrilled with the response to our book so far, THANKS SO MUCH to all of you for your encouragement, support and good cheer as we went through the laborious process of documenting our work and putting thought to paper.  Your messages of congratulations and ordering of books has been wonderful, thanks Linda Koch for being the first ‘outsider’ to order a copy, only 8 minutes after the book went live so that gave us a great big boost last night!!!  If you are interested in getting your own copy all you need to do is click on the little picture of the book to the right, select whether you want softback or hardback and click the order button, Blurb deliver workdwide!

I am also pleased to be moving upwards again in the latest Wikio blog rankings!  Thanks Neila for letting me know, at the moment I am in eigth position for the knitting rankings in the UK and Ireland, see my sidebar, but after the 5th May I go up to 5th.  Here is a sneak preview of the new top 20!

1 pennies per hour of pleasure
2 needled
3 Daisie Days
4 Art Yarn
5 Clasheen by Nicola Brown
6 The Woolly Adventures of a Knitting Kitty
7 ysolda
8 Confessions of a YarnAddict
9 Eskimimi Knits
10 Little Cotton Rabbits
11 The Yarn Yard Blog
12 Dyed in the Wool
13 mooncalfmakes
14 All things Socktopus!
15 fourth edition
16 Wendy Knits
17 Purlpower
19 Dye Studio Diary
20 glittyknittykitty

Ranking made by Wikio


2 thoughts on “New felt vessel, thanks again and latest Wikio rankings!

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    Just received a note from Blurb that my books have shipped… Yahoooo!!!! So excited…Perhaps will be here by the weekend. I just can’t wait to get my hands on “From Felt to Friendship”… Perfect title and I’m sure fantastic book.

    Glad that you’ve carved out a bit of time for some felting…I’m sure the writing was all-consuming and that you were about to have withdrawal symptoms. Can’t wait to see pictures of your latest feltmaking adventure.

    Congratulations on your blog rating…You’ll soon be at the tip top of the list the way you’re going;-)

    Big hugs,

  2. Hello Nicola

    Congratulations on your wonderful book.
    I LOVE it ! and I am soooo impressed with the deliver time….super fast ! I am very inspired to continue on with my felting experiments! Your book is small enough to carry around with me and the photos are grand. I love how both you and Chrissie have shared the inspirations of your surroundings into your work. I know that I am constantly inspired by my garden and areas of the West Coast of Canada. I adore the pebble inspired vessel, I feel sure I will be experimenting soon. Thank you for being such a great inspiration…and for being my very first contact on Flickr :))


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