Fish skin and felt, a perfect combination!

Yesterday I spent the whole day stitching and finishing the fish skin and felt bag I have been working on, it’s one of my favourite projects from the new book because as well as being created from colours I love I just know how handy it is going to be when travelling!  Amazingly I added a zip to the inner pocket, I don’t want any disasters with my passport and tickets so the safer I can keep them all the better.  The stitching actually took six hours, I couldn’t believe it but at least I am happy with the final result and hopefully the book should be finished by the end of this week (tomorrow is our deadline!) so I will be able to reveal it in all its glory then!!!  My thumb and one other finger feel a bit strange today, slightly tingly but nothing to worry about, now that I know what a thimble is for maybe I need to invest in one, what do you think?

Carmen is here today and we are working away together.  I have been writing and editing this morning upstairs but I am heading down now for a bowl of goulash and then it’s back to the needle, need to stitch some simple pieces of jewellery together!


3 thoughts on “Fish skin and felt, a perfect combination!

  1. Good morning,

    Goulash…Breakfast time here…Think I’ll go for something a bit tamer…Chocolate cherry toast perhaps;-)

    You are becoming quite the stitcher. You’ve completely left me in the dust with my fear of sewing…Though I did buy some 2.75 strength reading glasses at the Dollar Store the other day, so perhaps I should give it one more try. Perhaps if I could see to thread the needle it wouldn’t be quite so taxing. Hope your fingers are back to feeling normal…Six hours was quite a workout!!!

    Can’t wait to see the new bag…In person, too.


  2. Yes, I am on the list too as I also want to see the new bag.

    You might surprise yourself and someday enjoy the stitching as it opens up another whole world of possibilities with felting


  3. I hate using the thimble, or shall I rephrase- I can not use the thimble. we just do not go together at all.
    Anyways, hope your fingers are healing quickly and that you’ll be posting some photos of your bag here soon. Fingers crossed that all goes well with the book and you’ll meet the tight deadline!

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