Michigan workshops and a short felt book update!

I was thrilled this morning to be able to switch on my laptop, connect to the internet without any difficulty and discover that the wonderful Dawn of Felt so Right fame has started a blog, welcome to a whole new world Dawn!  What made it even more exciting was to see what Dawn’s first post was about and revisit my memories of the wonderful ladies who participated in our ‘felted accessories’ workshop at the KIA in Kalamazoo last Fall!!!  I had a total blast facilitating both workshops in Michigan (the earlier two day workshop was complex felt bags) and I am absolutely sure participants I meet at our workshops on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st May will be every bit as warm, friendly, enthusaistic and artist as the ladies who made my first visit so special.  I am SOOOO excited to be in this beautiful part of US one more, thank you Dawn for being my friend and making this trip possible again!!!  If you would like to join us and are interested in what we will be felting who not check out the workshop page and then please email Dawn to book your place.

Rounding the point and heading back along the shore line

Yesterday I took an unexpected break from felting and any lingering computer woes.  Alan and I took full advantage of the beautiful  hot weather by escaping for a long walk at ‘The Raven’, a nature reserve right on the Wexford coastline and about an hours drive from Clasheen.  We walked for 6 miles totally, 3 miles through forested dunes and slob land and the return trip right beside the shore line.  I love taking pictures on these walks, everything falls under my eye and may be used as inspiration for a new felt piece in the future!

Writing our book together has made me even more conscious that Chrissie sketches and makes notes about work in progress far more than I do.  Sometimes I wonder if it is because I document so much online that I just don’t write everything down literally, other times I wonder if it is just that I lack discipline, hmm.  Now that my computer is on top form I am starting to enjoy sitting down and writing my part of our collaboration, the whole process has just been SO stressful over the last 4 weeks I was beginning to wonder would we ever get sorted!  Light is at the end of the tunnel however and now that my flights are booked I can really set myself some deadlines and make sure we put it to bed sometime before the end of this month.  I really want to have some copies to bring with me to US and I know we have editors chomping at the bit waiting to review it for some of the textile and craft magazines, we are getting there!

Footprints in the sand


7 thoughts on “Michigan workshops and a short felt book update!

  1. Hi Nicola

    loved hearing about the walk and glad the computer is back in action for you. I had another friend around during the weekend looking to learn more about print on demand books for her art… its so fantastic that we have this technology in which to share our work.

  2. Good morning Nicola,

    Well, imagine my surprise to turn my computer on this morning and see me featured in your blog…Gosh, puts the pressure on me to make my blog special;-) LOL… I’ll be happy if I can figure out how to post in under three hours;-) But, truly, so excited that you are returning…I just can’t wait to see you. Will be here before we know it. Looking forward to seeing the book that you and Chrissie have been working so hard on, too.

    Big hugs,

  3. there is nothing better than a lovely walk to get you inspired and motivated to spend some extra hours working in the studio;) I’m sure there will be many felting project as a result of this one walk. We had few lovely sunny days in Galway too which I spent in my garden and in front of the spinning wheel. I love seeing the nature waking up after winter. All the little buds, fresh green shoots, bright coloured flowers and all the living creatures seem to enjoy the new season. If only it was not so windy outside I could do all my fibre related crafts outside 😉

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